Small riders develop a plan STRIDER six big car factory joint slipper

Let's take a look at the readers first, why do these small and medium-sized Chinese push bikes factory want to develop their own brands? Does developing a brand have any benefit to the factory itself?

Let's take the example of the kids scooter product that everyone is most familiar with. The smart phone has one person. The supply group supporting this product comes from all over the world. Under the premise of supply chain management and the world factory concept, these components come from different sources. The foundries of the country, these foundries, as long as they can produce qualified quality, the lower the price, there are more opportunities to obtain this big order, so the factory will continue to develop new processes to reduce the price, Improve quality for competitiveness, this is the thinking mode of the foundry.

In addition, we know that successful products have more added value in the market, and brands will try to create more value. They may use new technologies from suppliers or use their own developed technologies, but ultimately they will benefit most. Still in the hands of the brand. Just operating a brand is not like a factory. There is a well-planned road to go. In the face of huge brand investment, there is no bottom hole, and many foundry-based factories, like push balance bicycles manufacturer will be deterred. Conservative strategies may be the most common development model, but there are also a handful of brands that operate in the short-term.

The so-called children's education can't wait, you know why foreign drivers can stand on the world stage at a young age. The reason is that they are cultivated from a young age. When Taiwanese children sit in a crab cart and learn to walk, foreign children rely on slides. Practice balance, this time to introduce the well-known push bike brand STRIDER, especially co-branded with six locomotive manufacturers including push balance bicycles manufacturer to create their own two-wheeled racing bike for small children.

European and American Japanese car manufacturers jointly named six consecutive bombs

The STRIDER push bike is aimed at the two-wheeled parents of the blood, and jointly launched a series of 12 Sport balance bicycles with the six major bike manufacturers. This push bike is suitable for children from 18 months to 5 years old, according to the height adjustable seat. Set to extend the useful life. At present, the six car factories cooperated with Japanese HONDA, SUZUKI and YAMAHA. Among them, the yellow bottom of SUZUKI is equipped with the trademark of the depot, which is exactly the classic color of the off-road DRZ-400. I believe that many bloody dads will see this scooter. Will be heartbroken. European brands have KTM and HUAQVAMA, while KTM uses orange brand recognition. The Chinese kids scooter factory is of course the classic HARLEY-DAVIDSON. In particular, only HARLEY-DAVIDSON has launched three color schemes, including classic black, product identification orange and pink.

The kids scooter originated in Germany in 1997. Today, 20 years later, almost every child in Europe and America has one. The scooter is very helpful for training children's balance and concentration. Unlike crab cars, the scooter needs to maintain balance by its own strength, which can effectively stimulate the muscle development of the whole body. At the same time, it needs to pay attention to the route ahead. Training children's concentration and observation, driving their own scooter by their own strength can also cultivate children's independence, and gain a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence. More research reports indicate that children using skids have better social and leadership skills than children of the same age. In the past two years, the scooter has gradually gained attention in Taiwan. Taiwan has always been a big country in the production of bicycles. It is familiar with the production of balance push bikes . With the support of the government, professional scooter coaches have begun to be in place. In the future, every parent will It is easy and unburdened to take children with this activity in a professional and safe environment.

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